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5 Stereo Widening Techniques – Get Stereoized!

Stereo widening is a somewhat mystical subject. The term “wide” is widely used (pun intended) by mixing engineers all over the world. Though when listening to a wide-sounding mix, it’s not entirely clear how the mixer achieved such a sound to impress the listener. Here are 5 stereo widening techniques to help you take your productions… Read More »

In Search of the Best Small Studio Monitors – Get the Most Out of Your Monitoring

Studio monitors are no doubt the heart of every studio, big or small, because aside from your own ears, they are the most important tools to use. It is crucial to find the correct kind of monitoring system for your studio, depending on your room size, technical requirements and personal preference. Read on to learn… Read More »

How to Make Your Music Sound Professional – 5 Principles

How to make your music sound professional – is the question everyone wants the answer to. “Professional” as a word has a certain reputation to it, representing great quality and value. To open the subject up, I’ll show you a few ways you can get closer to the professional sound in your musical endeavors. Let’s… Read More »

What Is a Reverb In Music Production

What is a reverb in music production – that’s an interesting subject. In this article I’ll be discussing different kinds and roles of reverb in music production. Introduction to reverb In real life, natural reverb is everywhere you are, and most often than not you don’t even pay attention it’s there. When sitting in your… Read More »