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Music Theory: Simple Music Theory for Electronic Music Production Book Review

Proper music theory knowledge is surely on the decline, with up-and-coming producers creating music using pre-made drum and melodic samples, the only knowledge needed is how to mimic another piece of music – the one which with high probability is made from similar ingredients. As you already might now, music theory is not an absolute… Read More »

Automating Delay Plugins – 3 Methods to Add Depth to Your Mixes by Using Delay Automation

Static mixes might be good-sounding, but they are often not very interesting. For this reason, it’s necessary to take the extra mile while mixing, and automating your  plugins to add depth and interest to your mixes. Here’s three different methods to add spice to your tracks by automating delay plugins. In these examples, I’ll be… Read More »

How to Get Rid of Distractions – Make Music More Efficiently

Music producers have the ability to manufacture a track after another – in an ideal world. The reality is, unfortunately, that distractions are everywhere we turn our heads and there is no escaping them. How to get rid of distractions is no easy task in this technologically advanced world, forcing people to multitask on every… Read More »

Spice Up Your Music Production Process With a Hardware Synthesizer

While we live in the golden age of plugins and software, it’s more than easy to forget that hardware was there first. Before any plugins were invented, actual hardware existed and people made music using them. Though plugins are great for a modern workflow, it’s worth owning an actual hardware synthesizer to support the music… Read More »

Effective Listening Skills – Make the Most of Your Music by Monitoring Correctly

Effective listening skills are vital for any music producer to be able to produce a good sounding record. It’s recommended to take advantage of a variety of monitoring levels, to avoid staying static and make sure the music sounds good at every volume level. The following three monitoring levels have different purposes in making music.… Read More »