Production Wisdom is a music production blog discussing both practical and emotional sides of music production, such as techniques and technology, philosophy and a music production state of mind. As an activity, making music is not one-dimensional – quite the opposite. The aim of Production Wisdom is to offer comprehensive information covering everything there is to music production.

Hopefully you will learn something new and something inspirational, motivating you to make more and better music in the long run.

I wish you all the best and encourage you to stay strong in your journey in music – always embracing that initial spark.


JP / Production Wisdom

Founder of Production Wisdom
email: jp@productionwisdom.com

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  1. Alessio

    Really nice site, I like the clean look and the articles! I’m trying to do the same, and your site is a good inspiration! And it reminds me when I was using ProTools on my iBook Dual USB, ages ago! Ahah!
    Keep in touch!

  2. Bob Clato

    That is an awesome site.

    My musical skills suck, but you have schooling in the subject.

    You should give some words of advice to one of my younger brothers who needs to get out there and do this too.
    He has equipment in his room. but….. oh well.. Jesus help him out

    1. JP Post author

      Thanks Bob. I hope some of my posts will help ignite the inspiration in your brother, as sometimes only a little “tap on the back” is needed.


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